Secure Messaging

The secure messaging project aims to increase the uptake and routine use of secure messaging delivery across Wollondilly primary healthcare providers and develop a secure messaging delivery strategic document to guide future development of secure messaging delivery for Wollondilly healthcare providers.

Secure messaging ensures that clinical information can be exchanged electronically and securely between health care service providers. Key uses for secure messaging include the sending and receiving of referrals, reports, results and care plans electronically.

Secure Messaging assists in better linking of health care service providers, better sharing of health information and enables the development of an integrated health neighbourhood.

The benefits of Secure Message Delivery to providers may include:

  • Secure exchange of clinical information and documents such as eReferrals and Discharge Summaries, preventing unauthorised interception of the message content.
  • Reduced use of paper correspondence¬†
  • Confidential patient correspondence only seen by treating clinicians (no scanning necessary).
  • System notification of successful message delivery
  • Potential to improve the timeliness of receipt of clinical information
  • Consolidation of the information in health professionals clinical software¬†

It is envisaged that the value of secure messaging will be realised and healthcare provider organisations in the Wollondilly region will continue to grow following the conclusion of this project.

For more information on secure messaging, please contact the Digital Health Team at the SWSPHN: