We know there are some confusing words out there, and a lot of acronyms! So we thought we would try to make things a little easier by providing a glossary of common terms that we use when discussing our projects.


Our Definition

Secure Message Delivery

Secure Message Delivery (SMD) is a set of specifications developed collaboratively by the digital health community including NEHTA, Standards Australia, Desktop Software vendors and secure messaging service providers. This set of specifications defines an approach to digital health communication using widely supported IT industry standards.
The SMD specifications support the secure delivery of messages containing clinical documents and/or other information between healthcare organisations, either directly or through one or more messaging service providers.


The use of telecommunication techniques for the purpose of providing telemedicine, medical education, and health education over a distance. It is about transmitting voice, data, images and information rather than moving care recipients, health professionals or educators. 
Teleconsultation  Teleconsultation is one of the main components of telehealth. Teleconsultation can be delivered by utilising video conferencing technology to improve access to healthcare services for patients who live in Wollondilly. Instead of having to travel to the nearest major city to see a specialist, patients can use videoconferencing at their local General Practitioner.
Telemonitoring Telemonitoring is focused on providing care in a home setting with the primary intent of supporting the patient rather than the health professionals. Home telemonitoring encompasses the use of audio, video, and other telecommunication technologies to monitor patient status at a distance.