Our Governance

What is good Governance?

The best possible process for making and implementing decisions. Good governance is:

  • accountable
  • transparent
  • responsive
  • equitable and inclusive
  • effective and efficient
  • participatory

The right governance structure will allow the most effective relationships, enable trust building and ensure mutual accountability.

WHA Governance Framework

The WHA governance framework enables various levels of commitment and responsibility. There is a hierarchal governance structure with a range of committees undertaking various roles. The organisational membership is standardised across each group, but individuals vary depending on expertise and position within their organisation.

View the WHA governance framework here.

Key aspects of our governance arrangements are:

  • delegation of powers
  • standing financial instructions
  • providing a structure for collective interaction
  • resourcing and implementing agreed programs and projects
  • agreeing desired key strategic outcomes
  • building a sustainable alliance model