Needs Assessment

Needs assessment process and outcomes

One of the first tasks undertaken by the Wollondilly Health Alliance was to conduct a needs assessment of the region. The aim of the needs assessment was to find out what the community and GPs thought about health services in Wollondilly.

What you told us

  • Only 3% of your specialist needs are met in Wollondilly. With around 53% being addressed in the Macarthur region and 17% in Wingecarribee (Bowral and surrounds).
  • Only 40% of your allied health needs, such as physiotherapy and psychology, are met in Wollondilly. The remaining 60% is sourced mainly from Camden and Campbelltown. 
  • You’re most satisfied with the service provided by your doctor, although there were concerns about the availability of these services.
  • Lack of availability was the biggest challenge you experience when accessing health services in Wollondilly followed by waiting times.
  • Half of you have delayed dealing with a health problem due to either lack of services or lengthy waiting times.

The needs assessment considered the problems you told us about, looked at a lot of data and spoke with a lot of health experts to come up with 17 priorities for us to work on. These priorities related to issues with getting the healthcare you needed, new ways that services could be delivered and getting health professionals such as doctors, nurses, physiotherapists etc., to work and stay working in Wollondilly.

Top 17 priorities

The community, services and health care providers of Wollondilly prioritised the following health issues:

  1. Shortage of GPs, especially females
  2. Lack of local after hours services and high use of hospital emergency departments
  3. Lack of local access to medical specialists and diagnostic services. Private sector services not viable for small populations
  4. Limited local allied health practitioners
  5. A need for better access to a range of community health programs. This includes different models of care, where services are delivered locally
  6. A need for better access to the broad spectrum of mental health services
  7. A need for better public transport services, linking within the Shire to Campbelltown and Bowral, and more resources for community transport
  8. Concentration of resources in Campbelltown and a more equitable share of Macarthur health resources for Wollondilly
  9. More residential aged care facilities
  10. Improved health literacy
  11. Improved information and awareness about available health services
  12. Health service planning aligned to Wollondilly Growth Management Strategy projections
  13. High levels of overweight and obesity
  14. Lack of local recreational, employment and training opportunities for young people
  15. High levels of drug use and smoking
  16. Incorporation of NSW Health Healthy Urban Development features in residential areas
  17. Connectedness between providers related to point of care and sharing of clinical information to improve efficiencies and integration among current services.

You can access the full Wollondilly health needs assessment report here.

The Wollondilly Health Alliance is working with a range of groups to deliver better outcomes in Wollondilly.  For more information, please see our projects