Living in Wollondilly

Wollondilly is located on the south-western outskirts of Sydney and stretches across 2,560 square kilometres of natural beauty and rural pastures.

Wollondilly is made up of 17 towns and villages and each has their own stories to tell and personalities to meet, but the rural charm with country hospitality is found everywhere.

The Wollondilly community is made up of approximately 46,000 people and Wollondilly is characterised by rural living with a strong sense of community pride.

Your Health in Wollondilly

The community of Wollondilly are more likely to rate their health as excellent, very good, or good, when compared with the rest of NSW. When compared with NSW, Wollondilly also has:

  • Fewer people reporting they are experiencing high and very high psychological distress (8.3% vs 11.1% for NSW)
  • More people who receive the flu vaccine (73.4% vs 72.4% for NSW)
  • More women who receive breast cancer screening on time (53.1% vs 51.7% for NSW)

However, the Wollondilly community also has: 

  • Higher rates of people reporting they are overweight (40.9% vs 33.4% for NSW)
  • Higher rates of people reporting they are obese (26% vs 19.6% for NSW)
  • Lower levels of adequate physical activity and fruit consumption (fruit: 49.6% vs 56.6% for NSW, physical activity 52.9% vs 55.2% for NSW)
  • Higher levels of alcohol consumption (33% vs 30.4% for NSW)
  • Higher rates of smoking during pregnancy (rate 155.6 vs 100 for NSW)
  • Higher rates of lung cancer (rate 40 vs 34.4 for NSW)